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Best Trading Courses - Beginner, Intermediate & Advanced
September, 24 by Paul Paulson

Knowledge is Power! Increase your understanding of Forex and CFD trading with these wealth of educational resources...

Trading Beginner Courses

The "Trading Academy Beginner" is especially configured for new traders who wish to start from the very basics of Forex and CFD trading. From the early start of the forex market to analysing charts and trading on the famous MT4 platform, the beginner e-courses will get everyone started in no-time.

You will learn:
  => A definition of trading
  => A brief history of trading
  => The accessibility and opportunity in online trading
  => A brief overview of the trading possibilities with BDSwiss

Trading Intermediate Courses

The "Trading Academy Intermediate" is the right course for already advanced traders It delves deeper into market analysis and strategy implementation, enabling everyone to find and construct his very own trading style.

You will learn:
  => What markets are there to trade?
  => What are each market’s attributes?
  => How to trade each market
  => How to trade different market combinations

Trading Advanced Courses

The "Trading Academy Advanced" is the final and most groundbreaking course. Everybody will learn how to overcome the biggest enemy when it comes to trading: yourself! The advanced course explains the importance of developing a very own trading and risk management strategy. The student will also learn how to identify possible trends using our available indicators and charting tools.

You will learn:
 => What is leverage?
 => What is margin?
 => How do we calculate margin?
 => How to avoid margin related mistakes